Lake Louisa Engagement | Orlando Wedding Photographer

March 18, 2022

Looking back on this Lake Louisa Engagement session with Brian and Katie has me in my feels! Shortly after this they were married in Mexico in August of 2021!

We set up the session so we could fit so much into one evening!! They had two different outfits they wanted to wear for a choice of looks! They also wanted to bring their cute pup into some of the session as well! I will NEVER say no to bringing a dog to your session! Like please bring them!! And all the cute bandanas they have to choose from on Etsy, why not use that to make your outfits!!

I love Lake Louisa engagement sessions because the State park has so many different landscapes! We started near the woods where the sun shined through the trees so beautifully! Not far from there we walked to a golden grass field! And then ended the night near the beach playing in the sand and water!

This evening was so beautiful with the two of them and their pup!! I was so excited to get all these photos for them!!