Lake Monroe Wayside Bridge | Sanford Family Photographer

May 27, 2022

I met with the Krebs family at Lake Monroe Wayside Bridge for the sweetest family session. They actually reached out to me to shoot their wedding which was all planned and booked. But covid hit and they decided to elope, so we set up this family session with their three kids instead! Their kids are such great characters and brought so much light to the shoot!

We started the session on the Lake Monroe Wayside Bridge with the whole family. We even grabbed some of just the two parents too before moving around the area. During family session we usually grab as many different variety of photos just as similar to couples sessions! We grab photos of just the kids, just the girls, just the boys, individual photos of everyone, just the parents, etc. Even in just one space all these varieties get done, and we had a blast doing it!

The kids are the highlights of the Krebs family’s life! As they should be, with just the 90 minutes I had with them I could tell how great they were!

We ended the session right off the bridge down by the water!

Thank you Krebs family for joining me on this session!

Family session on Lake Monroe wayside bridge with colorful attire
Parents tickle kids during Lake Monroe wayside bridge family session
Mom with kids and dad with kids on bridge in Florida wearing tan and flannel accents
Family holds hands during lake Monroe wayside bridge family session
Dad puts son on shoulders during family session all mom and the girls hang out
Individual portraits of the three kids on Lake Monroe wayside bridge during family session
Portrait of son wearing red flannel and yellow undershirt to match sister
Mom and dad walk Lake Monroe wayside bridge during family session
Three kids sit on rocks underneath Lake Monroe wayside bridge at the end of family session
Dad throws son up in the air during a family session in Florida
Sisters bond with nose kisses during family session at Lake Monroe wayside bridge
Family walks park underneath like Monroe wayside bridge near water