New Smyrna Beach | Orlando Proposal Photographer

April 22, 2022

This was such an exciting session to be a part of at New Smyrna beach with Jake and Laura! As you can see this was a big day for both of them! They have been together for a few years now and Jake decided he wanted to propose on the beach at sunset! We staged the first part of the session as if it was a normal session. It was such gorgeous night that ended in an insane sunset!

It was also cool for me because I have been shooting with Jake for years! Through his whole high school career and into college we’ve had so many sessions together! Getting to shoot his engagement just topped it all off. Having repeat clients is always an honor, and getting to watch them basically grow up is pretty cool too ūüôā

This was a complete surprise to Laura that we had a proposal set up for her at New Smyrna Beach. It was so sweet to see the genuine shock and emotion on her face. There were also lots of tears shed, even some by me! They shared with me that they plan to be engaged for a few years through college and then will start planning their wedding! Getting to be a part of this proposal was so fun and the night ended with an insane sunset! I’m so excited for your guys’ future together!!