Orange County Courthouse | Orlando Elopement Photographer

August 12, 2022

Aryanna and Mitch are getting married in Tuscany Italy in 2023 but wanted to get married privately before hand! They scheduled their wedding at the Orange County Courthouse and then inquired with me to capture this special day for them.

It was just the two of them so this day was so intimate and we had the best time adventuring around the city after their ceremony at Orange County Courthouse. Throughout the day we chatted all things travel and realized they love Europe just as much as I do! Hence, getting married in Italy!!

Aryanna is actually a fashion designer, so the structure of their portrait session gave me very much chic vibes! She wore STUNNING heels and we played around with their sunglasses while walking through crosswalks! I really think you can make the most of any location! So even the streets work as the best backdrops if you style it right! It wasn’t that hard while working with Aryanna and Mitch! They were born to be in front of a camera!

We ended the session with a few beers at a nearby pub before heading out for the night! It was such a special day for the two of them and I was lucky to be part of it!